Saturday, 9 April 2011

I got awoken 30 min ago by a dream.  It wasn't a nightmare.  But that dream certainly told the story of my life in a very succint manner.  Well, at least the story of my CURRENT life.

I was waiting in line at a water-cooler.  It was going to be my turn next.  A line behind me was forming.  Always trying to look smart, I pointed to an adjacent empty water-cooler and told my girlfriend, "Look, people always assume.  Perhaps it's working?  (I already knew that it wasn't working.)

My girlfriend went to check that adjacent water-cooler.  At the same time, it was my turn at my water-cooler.  I pressed the nozzle but water only trickled out.  I pressed it harder but there was no response.  I straightened my back.  I saw that my girlfriend's water cooler was working.  I started to make a move for that one, when suddenly something fell into my water-cooler basin.  Upon impact, it writhed and trashed around.  It flipped itself over.  It was brownish, narrow, long, animal with four small legs. Yeap.  In my dream I saw a four-legged snake.  

I remember thinking to myself.  Wow!  Super lucky. 

Now that I am finishing this blog post, I am reconsidering my first paragraph.  Initially I thought the lesson was - "unlucky things always happen to me (no water from water-cooler), the only consolation is that things just didn't get worse (did not get hit on my head by snake)". 

I realise now that the lesson is really: "small unlucky things happen to me, but they keep me away from the big unlucky things".  I should thank God for the many little unfortunate blessings.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Where are you, Queenie?

I joined the blogging fad in 2004. Stopped doing so around 2008 for a variety of reasons. Blogging was made interesting by the people who commented on my posts. And there was one person whom I enjoyed receiving comments from the most of all. Probably because I adolized (adore and idolized) her writing style. There was nobody else quite like her. I started to emulate her writing. She strangely stopped blogging around 2008 too. It came as a surprise to me she disappeared. Didn't expect that to happen. I didn't know who she was. Nor how she looked like. Not even where she was based in. Since I have no other information, I should stupidly hope that her disappearance was tied to mine! Well I am back now Queenie, and I hope to see your posts again soon. :D