Sunday, 3 April 2011

Where are you, Queenie?

I joined the blogging fad in 2004. Stopped doing so around 2008 for a variety of reasons. Blogging was made interesting by the people who commented on my posts. And there was one person whom I enjoyed receiving comments from the most of all. Probably because I adolized (adore and idolized) her writing style. There was nobody else quite like her. I started to emulate her writing. She strangely stopped blogging around 2008 too. It came as a surprise to me she disappeared. Didn't expect that to happen. I didn't know who she was. Nor how she looked like. Not even where she was based in. Since I have no other information, I should stupidly hope that her disappearance was tied to mine! Well I am back now Queenie, and I hope to see your posts again soon. :D

1 comment:

  1. I am working on it.
    Just been so busy these days--right when I decide that I will write again at that!
    It's good to see you writing a bit too.
    Hopefully, both of us do not disappear anytime soon. <3